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Home gym equipment ideas the only nine products you need to builda home gym going to the gym may be a good thing but it also means you have topack a bag drive there and deal with people vying for the same equipment andshowers home workouts on the other hand eliminate all those pesky excuses withthe right gear you can get stronger fitter andhealthier in the comfort of your own living room but first you have to createa dedicated space to get your sweat on to find the best gear for a home gym oneerrybody asked a few of the country's top fitness professionals for theirrecommendations their picks suit any type of workout style from functionalstrength training tools to yoga essentials choose the tools that makesense for you and you'll be able to hit the ground running or downward doggingwiry body has affiliate relationships so we may get a small share of the revenuefrom your purchases items are sold by the retailer not by wiry body all pricesare subject to change and items could sell out based on the merchantsinventory one Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebell this is the all-in-onefitness tool you didn't know you needed the kettlebell is a foundational pieceof equipment that you can use to elevate your cardiovascular system practicecoordination and focus and for strength training sets general der Sturm trainerand author of diet right for your personality type as a fitnessprofessional it's one of the most versatile tools I have access to as abonus this version comes with adjustable weights so you can increase the wave thestronger you get to perform better mini XL band these resistance bands give youa big fitness bang for your buck use them to enhance mobility strengthen yourupper and lower body and work your core says Kerr Stokes personal trainer andcreator of the stoked method this set of four bands range and resistance fromlight to heavy and also come with an exercise manual three Jade harmony yogamat another must-have for your home gym thishigh quality Matt is one favored by yoga instructor hottie Christopher creator ofcross floats it says nice grip and just the right amount of padding for smoothseamless flows and it's not just for yoga use it for any type of home workoutor stretching routine for hugger-mugger cork yoga block for supportedrestorative poses and better balanced yoga blocks are essential for at-homepractices they'll help ensure you won't fall orstrain any muscles trying to be more flexible than you are Christopher saysthis court version is a way to go since cork is sturdier and steadier thanfoam 5 dumbbell set withstand body weight exercises are an effective way tobuild strength and burn calories add in some dumbbells and your options for ithome strength workouts are literally endless stoke says this colorful setcomes with a stamp to keep them from rolling around and their neoprenecovering makes them durable and easy to grip 6 amazon basics identity round foamroller a long foam roller is another home gym essential order strin says forrecovery from post workout soreness and let's be real everyday life you can'tbeat the restorative benefits of foam rolling this versatile roller helpsrelieve tight muscles increase blood flow and work out the kinks all overyour body use it to work your core to 7 hyper wear sample this portable trainingtool provides a slew of benefits for your body from metabolic conditioning tototal body strengthening says jessica matthews fitness instructor and senioradvisor for american council on exercise since it's filled with sand it adds achallenging new dimension to strengthen power exercises such as slams swingssquats and more and with a soft neoprene cover you don't have to worry aboutdamage to your floor eight TRX training go Suspension Trainerkit these suspension straps essentially turn any part of your home into aworkout machine stoke says attach them pretty much anywhere over a door a treea lamppost to work your entire body and improve strength stabilizationflexibility and cardio 9 jump rope no room or budget for a treadmill noproblem jumping rope is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and an efficientway to sprinkle some cardio into your strength training routine says GunnarPeterson a celebrity trainer Stokes is also a huge fan not a day goes by that Idon't use mine she says Home gym equipment ideas – Product link in the description below.