Garage Gym on a Budget

– So, it recently came to my attention that a lotta people are asking about, where do I do my workout,where do we film, how does all this work, themagic that is Dark Horse? I'm here to tell you, it's phenomenal, we basically have thisluxurious dirt alleyway, which leads into our garage.

So, figured I'd give you alittle garage workout tour, also, to hopefully inspireyou to build out your own, 'cause frankly, does your carreally need this much space? Let it park on the street,unless you're driving like a Ferrari, orLamborghini, in that case, one, good for you, two,yeah, keep it protected.

Or park it on the street andjust put a car cover on it, I'm sure it's the same thing.

What I have in my garage gym, number one, I have foam mats, for mychild, so that she can play on the garage floor out here,and it's comfortable for her, also I can pen her in,like a small animal, when I need her to stay in place so that I can do a workout.

That serves twofold, one,it keeps her occupied, maybe screaming at times, but two, it also shows her that fitness is a partof our everyday life, and that message I like.

Especially if you have children, build out your own home gym,doesn't have to be anything beautiful, or amazing,I mean, look at ours.

I still have French drainsthat I need to install in our backyard, overlapping my Airdyne.

I don't care.

I have foam mats, those also serve when I have to do floor routines, so, Turkish get-ups, or sit ups, or planks, or whatever it may be, I'musing my kid's foam mats.

Also, in a beautiful checkered pattern, designed by yours truly.

The SkiErg, and the rower.

Hopefully a bike willget added to that soon, but in the time being, an Airdyne.

Assault Bike, if you wanna swap that out, let me know, hit me up.

Then I have an allotment of dumbbells, now this one's actually pretty important, I would highly encourage youguys to do something like this, I have, oops, clips screwed in, and anchored to the wallat three different heights.

I have about eye level, hip, and knee.

So I have those clips so that I can basicallydo any kind of pulling, or I can anchor to somethingif I wanna do ring rows, or in this instance, I sometimes use the crossover symmetrysystem, for scap work, I can clip that to the wall, and I can get good pullwork, you see I have my Assault Bike, my Airdyne, again, Assault Bike, call me.

I have my old Schwin Airdyne which I bought for $25 on craigslist.

Yes, $25, and it's beautiful as the day it came outta the box.

I have an EmPack, it'sthe Evolved Motion pack, I highly encourage this, as you guys know if you'veseen a lot of our videos, I love sandbags for strengthwork, they're so versatile, they're the best mid-line stability work, I prefer them to a barbell and plates, because you can modify the weight, and they're weird, so your body has to learn a little bit better.

So I use the EmPack, whichis right there, this guy.

It comes with these bladders, and you fill 'em with sand or water, and you can make it as heavyor as light as you want.

Now, the upside is, ithas handles all over it, so I was doing Turkishget-ups with these yesterday, my wife was doing backsquats, I've done carries in the front rack, I've done lunges, I've done overhead presses, it has handles on pretty much everywhere, and you just add these weighted bladders, to make it as heavy asyou want, I'm a huge fan.

The EmPack in particular, I'veused it for quite some time, oh, the beautiful part about it is, it's actually a backpack, soit has straps that can remove, so you can travel with it,you empty the bladders, they take up very little space, and wherever you go, you havea weight bag that you can use, a sand bag, if you will, or a water bag.

So you can get in a strengthworkout pretty much anywhere.

An nice standard justband, for mobility work, nothing fancy, you pickthese up on Amazon.

You can see I've gotmy crossover symmetry, teaches you what to do with it.

Of course, I keep anassortment of jump ropes, I use both RPM ropes as well as Rx ropes.

I have amazing ropes from both, I highly encourage bothcompanies, Rx ropes.

Next, I have jump rope, there are two companiesthat I absolutely love, number one is RPM, andnumber two, Rx Gear.

Both companies make fantastic jump ropes, and I'm a big advocate ofbasically taking a jump rope with me everywhere I go,that's like the one tool that I always carrywith me, is a jump rope, 'cause no matter what, you canalways get a killer workout with a jump rope.

That's pretty much my gym.

This will get added to,oh, I do have a BikeErg.

I forgot about that.

That's my BikeErg, untilConcept 2 sends me a BikeErg.

(laughs)It works just as well, unfortunately my Erg datadoesn't connect to it very well, it doesn't have Bluetoothfunctionality yet.

But I would say guys,consider building out your own home gym,there's really no reason to consume it with car space, when fitness should be apart of your lifestyle.

This is a great way to do it, cheap, easy, my neighbor across the streethas done the same thing, except he's done it with the backyard.

He has rings hanging from a a tree, and sometimes I see him pushing a sled through the dirt alleyway, that's amazing, and that's exactly thetype of fitness I like.

So, this is my little corner, a lot of our videos are filmed in here, so we've kinda set itup to be perfect for us, and to be able to demonstrateand do the stuff that we want.

Once or twice a week at least,we're working out in here, my wife and I, and mychild is on the mats, penned up like a little animal.

So, build out your home gym, let me know what you've done withyours in the notes below, and then also, I'll link tothe products that I use here, because I'm just a huge fan,so I highly encourage you, a, get a jump rope, havethat everywhere with you, and then SkiErg, Erg,BikeErg, Assault Bike, pick one, Airdyne, Assault Bike, call me, Airdyne, you can pick it up oncraigslist, find a cheap one.

Yeah, that's my gym guys, I just thought you mightenjoy the walkthrough, and until next time, we'llsee you on the other side.