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– Hi everyone, it's Darrickhere with Gamer Body, and in this video, I'm gonna do a review on theMega Bar Home Fitness System.

So let's get right into the review.

(beating) Alright so let's quicklycover what the Mega Bar is.

The Mega Bar is essentiallya home gym system designed by Gym Supreme.

What you can do with it, you can do pull up bars, you can do squats, you can do chin-ups, you can do a lot of yourupper body exercises, and it was really meant for me to replace my home pull up bar system that I had previously, with something I feellike could get more done during my day with a total system.

So it's really designed to do everything that you need at home.

So for a quick price overview.

I ordered the Mega BarSystem on December 4th, 2017 for $130 from their website, and there was anadditional shipping charge so it came out to $167 to actually have it shipped to my house, or apartment, in Laguna Hills, California.

So it's not a cheap piece of equipment, but again you can domultiple things with this, and that's what drew me tobuying it in the first place.

So as of ordering the Mega Bar System, it only comes in yellow and black.

I do hope they have someother colors coming out, but right now that's theonly color that you can buy.

What you receive when you getthe Mega Bar is as follows.

You get a pull-up bar system, you get an additional squatrack, I would say, attachment, you get body rings, and you also get clamps that go on the end of the squat rack, that can house, or holdon to, weight plates, and then they have clamps thathold those in place, as well.

So that's where they kind of get their whole everything canbe done at home system.

So it take me roughly 30 minutes to put the entire system together.

It is pretty confusing, and I did have to read throughall of the instructions in order to get it fromthe start to completion, but once it is all complete, everything's pretty easyto assemble once all done, except for maybe tighteninga few bolts and screws.

So let's jump into my prosfor the Mega Bar System by Gum Supreme.

Number one, it is very sturdy, and it can hold a lot of bodyweight once it's all built.

Yes, this thing is made upof pretty much pure metal with just some bolts and screws, but everything felt very sturdy for me the whole time I was using it, and I never felt like I was gonna end up crashing to the floor.

Number two is you can do alarge variety of exercises using the Mega Bar System.

Yes, you can do thingswith your legs in this one, so you have a weighted bar that you can use for things like squats, you can do curls with it, kind of like an E-Z CurlBar or something like that.

So it also has thoseattachments you can use, that can put on some weight plates if you need to add more weight onto it, to really use it all for a home gym.

Again, I've only used itfor a pull-up bar system, but you can do all yourlegs with this as well, unless you need dumbbells for some reason, those do not come along with it.

Another is that rings were included, which is really awesome becausenot many systems use rings, so you can attach ringsto this whole gym system, and it will work pretty well.

My door frame's not reallyhigh enough for this to work all that great, but I did try it out andit did work pretty well.

I didn't have any issues with it.

So if you want to do somebody weight ring stuff, you can use that as well.

The biggest one probably for this one is that it is really expensive.

Most people are not gonnafork over $130+ dollars to buy the system.

Yes, I know it can do prettymuch anything you need for a home gym, but having it be $130 for really just like a pull-up bar system and some squat system, it's gonna be pretty pricey for most.

So that's the one big drawback I can see for most people not buyingthe Mega Bar System.

Another con is that the barsare really, really thick.

So for me, especially if you had the attachment with the squat on top andyou do pull-ups on that, if you start sweating or you have smaller handsand bad grip strength, you're gonna fall right off this thing.

There was many times my handswere really, really sweaty, and I had a really toughtime holding onto the bars while doing pull-ups, and that's a big no no for me.

I have pretty good grip strength, but because the bars wereso big and I was so sweaty, and they're made of metal, it's just really hard forme to hang on to those ones.

I had to drop down to the lower version, which is the ones that havethe grips on them as well, but even then they're still pretty thick, so if you have smaller hands, could be a downside for you.

And then my last comment isthat it did damage my walls and door frame a little bit.

So it wasn't crazy bad, but it did indent the doorframe a little bit on each side, and also left some black markings.

So I know this is a big problem with other pull-up bar systems, it's not new here.

This one will leave marks on your door.

I weigh again 185 pounds, and it did leave somemarks on my door frame, so make sure that yours can withstand at least the 185 poundsif someone's using it.

So to wrap it all up, I think that the Mega Bar System is actually really, really awesome.

I think they have a great design here, a great tool for moving forward.

I think a lot of companies, or even this company, can improve it and make it into somethingreally, really, really unique and great for home fitness.

It doesn't take up all that much room if you only had this.

The problem is that right nowit's really, really bulky, and again those bars are really big, and it's a really heavy device, so putting it up actuallyinto my door frame sometimes was actually kind of challenging, just 'cause it's really heavy and it's kind of hardto maneuver it sometimes into your door frame correctly, so that's another, I guess, one of those cons as well.

But I think it's a really,really awesome design, and I really hope that theytake it to the next level, make those bars a little bit smaller, make it so you can gripthem a little better when you get sweaty, and then I think they'll havea great thing on their hands.

Maybe make it a littleless costly as well.

So that's it for my review.

I hope you did like it.

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